Thursday, May 27, 2010

Built for this - By Lyrical

Master Craftsman

I'm built for this with the skills and will travel/
While yall Semi-pro with your flow like Will Farrel/
While my desire is more higher than Pharoahe's
I am not another rapper just trying to acquire apparel/
But I, stay fly whenever what's fly is classic/
But I'd rather drop a G and a half on taking classes/
I'd rather travel the country speaking at campuses/
Talking bout labels instead of what labels on my pants these is/
And I ain't knocking rocking primates on your pockets/
But its obvious monkeyseemonkeydo, when dudes go shopping/
If you got it, drop a deposit on a vacation in the tropics/
because the trends will come and go,
but all this stress is mostly nonsense/
I've done concerts at colleges round the continent/
Had continental breakfasts at several different conferences/
Corporate endorsements and several different sponsorships/
All cuz these A Capella's I prepare are spit with flawlessness/

I freak beats when I speak peaking the decibels/
Would never settle for average I'd rather reach incredible/
Levels inevitable, yall should peep my schedule/
You'll find me eating vegetables at several Greek festivals/
My idea of partying is not like the rest of you?
I didn't get this Lyrical by doing what the rest would do/
I never rested dude, son I got my lessons too/
College professor call me Mr, cause respect is do/
I got a question dude if you could only spit one verse/
Would you rhyme about yourself or uplift the Earth?/
Would you lie about your wealth, gross or total worth/
Before your lying by yourself face full of dirt/
I dig you done some dirt, you done was a kid,
you wish you wouldn't have done but you did and its done did/
Dun, sun, kid, I ain't tryna act all holy father
But if you coming Nasty like Nas - I'll son you Olu Dara/

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