Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Profession by "Professor" Lyrical

The most sick with it, flows that are so intricate/
Unlimited potential on instrumentals & instruments/
"The determination, the dedication and discipline"/
“The Focuz” never left, just the records get more intelligent/
Growth exponential, the most exceptional specimen/
Mental and the physical, both reflections of excellence/
True credentials, so influential and relevant/
Choose to be respected, do business as a gentlemen/
My profession is “professional lyricist”/
Professor Lyrical, international appearances/
Paid panelist, teacher, lecturer, analyst/
Who nearly every weekend is speaking at different campuses/
My advantage is, understanding percentages/
And represent myself cause my bachelors was in management/
A few assistants but my persistence - I channel it/
Ta truly be successful, yet still essentially handle it/

Highly conceptual, intellectual emphasis/
Stressed in every syllable still incredibly delicate/
Infinitesimally balanced, with spacial elegance/
Save them to place in palaces, frame up my greatest sentences/
I’m Feng Shui all day, come peep my residence/
While still real enough for the streets to reap the benefits/
My recent effort is, reading the recent evidence/
I've reasoned that we’re needing ta reach the children with deficits/
So my attention, is focusing more messages/
Ta get em with the music, and making them more competitive/
Better businessmen, better at every discipline/
And better with the letters and numbers for younger listeners/
And if your older and motivated as citizens/
Then your participation as witnesses isn't "innocent"/
Your just as guilty if you don’t make them apprentices/
Complaining your too busy, just criticizing the president/

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