Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scholarship by Lyrical

The flow's so academia, hooded robe and regalia/
My verses floweth over I'm so Mesopotamia/
Holder of diplomas and scrolls with gold frames on them/
Lower on the left hand, signed with old names on them/
Poems- I'm arranging em, older than Origami/
Folded in a pattern sequential as Fibonacci/
Rap on the instrumentals as lavish as Liberace/
Elaborate as my bachelor pad now thats all behind me/
Now my wife, she lay beside me, so gorgeous upon the sofa/
Now my whole home aroma is so William Sonoma/
Pebble grained leather in plaid twill with Mocha/
Handle match the Mother of Pearl mantel and poker/
Director of Investor Relations, with paid vacations/
Punta Cana in December, on Christmas with reservations/
Now we so Golden Ratio, so Alger Horatio/
Going from "Rags to Riches" replacing whats on your radio/
So Poet Laureate -Provost and Chancellor/
Shaking hands daily with substitutes and janitors/
Soloist at the seminars intellectual lecturer/
Only one at the podium, known to be standing next to/
Mayor with one shoulder, the other's rubbing with d├ębutantes/
Delegates, intelligent eat at elegant restaurants/
Rest of us Ghetto Fabulous... Blessings unto my audience/
All of my true constituents still yearning for Scholarship/

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