Wednesday, December 15, 2010


LYRiCAL -Electronic Press Kit



"LYRICAL" is a well respected name in the New England Hip Hop scene for multiple reasons. As a Hip Hop artist he has published numerous releases that have topped national college charts, such as "The Focuz Is Back " (2006), and classics like his first single "Butta Messenga" (1997, X-Caliber) or "Salt" (2003, Invasion). As a businessman he has organized scores of shows in Boston, including the heralded "M.I.C. Hip Hop Awards" and many similar type of events. As an accomplished world class MC battler he has won countless battles and has also competed in invite only battles like the New Music Seminar's Battle for World Supremacy in New York City, and the East Coast Zulu Nation Battle in Harlem. But perhaps what really sets Lyrical apart from other award winning, freestyle, battle emcees is the fact he has also been contracted by several colleges to teach over 80 courses in subjects ranging from Hip Hop to Calculus (see below for details).

His duel careers lead to the creation of The College Project (Through the Eyes of Pupils), a 2009 album featuring 25 of Lyrical's students as guest artists, producers, engineers, graphic artists and photographers on the project. A native of Lowell, Lyrical earned a BS in Business Administration (Marketing/Econ.) and was hired to write the business plan for the Lowell High School's Alternative Program where he taught math and business for 6 years before teaching college. He earned his MS in Mathematics from UMass-Lowell while taking his last three courses for his degree at Harvard University's College of Continuing Education after moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Professor" Lyrical is now a full-time Lecturer of Mathematics at Northeastern University teaching Boston freshman in The College of Professional Studies in an innovative program known as Foundation Year. Today he is one of the more sought after speakers on topics ranging from Hip Hop culture to higher education.

Lyrical was a vital member of Mayor Menino’s “Hip Hop Round Table” and several City of Boston Peace Fests, opening for artists like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim along the way. He was featured rapping and teaching on The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet's "Dogs 101", October 3rd, 2009; this popular episode repeats periodically. He has also been on the front page and cover of several newspapers and magazines and has been the subject of many other television segments as well. As a teacher, businessman and artist Lyrical is highly involved in many of the events helping shape the face of Hip Hop culture, urban entertainment, and education in Massachusetts.




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