Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jesus Shuttlesworth - By Lyrical

Words impeccable, birth verses incredible/
Classical, heavy metal, my genres span several/
Soul is etheral, swing like Duke Ellington,/
Rock like Chuck Berry, My role, very intelligent/
Respect level is tough...and you can tell it is/
Revered by my elders, loved- like close relatives/
Grace the Land with a flow, blow like Elvis did/
Instrument's held lefty, burn em like Jimmi Hendricks did/
My main difference is out of my brains spittin/
With change the game writtens, insane like Blake Griffin/
Plus any distance I drain from highly accurate/
Highly talented, game is Ray Allen-ish/
Well practiced and versed, looking instinctual/
Only cause the work I put in is unthinkable/
So next time when I'm rhyming at some Palladium/
Remember all the time that I've put in the gymnasium/

I pattern my rapping after Ray Allen shooting in practice/
Perhaps I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive creature of habit/
Master the fundamentals, while maximizing my talents/
So even leaving the floor I'll return on my feet balanced/
Reek havoc, on all opposing defenders/
Stone cold killer, so leave me open I'll end this/
Pen verses, most of them open ended/
From answering these questions, like "How do I flow tremendous?"/
Frees are splendid, writtens even more magical/
Catapult myself to success running through battle drills/
Cardiovascular, rapping on the eliptical/
Then hopping on the treadmill after for better breath control/
Many steps ta go, hurdling every obstacle/
So stopping me from reaching the top is just not possible/
I dig deep for the facts - archeological/
Then put em back into my raps as published articles/

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