Thursday, December 16, 2010

Supremely Crafted, By Lyrical

Supremely Crafted, routinely mastered/
Rhyme schemes, conceived in my dreams, my sleep's practice/
24-7 been dedicated to rappin'/
While still finding time in between for multitasking/
University Massachusetts my masters/
Earned the same time making Massachusetts some classics/
Teaching mathematics and university classes/
And music with my students the fusion is fantastic/
But don't confuse it, to battle me, that's a fallacy/
Sun, I put the Earth on the map in this rap galaxy/
My mentality, humble is what I have to be/
Cuz even though I'm known as the best there's 100 after me/
A hunted athlete, dumb to be humming happily/
When half these crappy, happy go lucky rappers are tragedies/
One minute I'm hot and the crowd claps for me/
The second that I'm turning my back, their gonna clap on me/
So don't grab on me, after I walk past at these/
Rap shows, the answer is "no" I am not having it/
It's not happening, don't know what you expect to see/
Typically, you'll find me perfecting vectors and matrices/
Professor Lyrical, my material's basically/
Made to be poetic yet spoken, more motivationally/
So any vacancy, math, music or otherwise/
I'll graph you out my digits like perpendicular number lines

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