Thursday, December 16, 2010

So you rap?

OK, so do about 400 million others. So what makes you different? Perhaps you have a unique story, a great voice, you are really creative, people just seem to like you, or you are just all around good at all the aspects of emceeing. If not, this page is designed to help you master the craft.

Here is my disclaimer before we begin: You will not be good at emceeing, unless you are dedicated to the craft! This means you must practice, and constantly think like an emcee throughout the course of your entire day.

That being said, if you are in it for the long haul you will be surprised at how good you can become; if you truly love the craft the work is easy.

My biggest satisfaction comes from emcees who hear me, or read my lyrics and say they suddenly have the inspiration to go home and work their craft. For me this represents work that payed off well. I have an infinite amount I could write, but only a finite amount that I actually will write. Inspiring others to continue on with this art form allows all of us to ensure that limitless material will in fact be written and well-crafted. Feel free to post your own responses or rhymes at anytime. Or just sneak a look at some of my posted lyrics and thoughts. Please click this link right below my signature to get an idea what my music sounds like, because I rap too!


"Professor" Lyrical

I was recently featured on Chronicle (WCVB-TV ABC-5 BOSTON)
Here is a link to the episode if you would like to watch it, or click below.

Professor Lyrical
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