Monday, December 13, 2010

Steam by Lyrical

I spit steam, sixteens is pristine/

Crisp, Clean, Comfortable like ripped jeans/

Since 15, my lyrics painted a vivid scene/

Ain't never seen, since the ceilings of Sisteen/

An inner feeling, more complex than Byzantines/

Content and a concept, with a strong theme/

Who ya know that can manifest these huge dreams?/

My flow's art, the new name is "Drew" breeze/

I'm Mozart, when I rehearse these new schemes/

on loose leaves my techniques is Bruce Lee/

I use speed, with furious fist, Supreme/

With punch lines, that drop-kick, till bruised knees/

Got true game, can maintain the huge lead/

Turn Tom Brady, chew out the crowd if dudes leave/
A new team,  make few errors, a new league/
emcee forever, in any error I'm Lou Reed/

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