Monday, December 13, 2010


I am -Impassioned, soul that’s old fashioned/
Classic- a modern day Johan Sebastian/
Beethovien, flow that’s hand woven in/
With finer strings than you’d find on a violin/
Stradivarius- Master Artesian/
On hand blown glass, my craft is pure genius/
Multivariate flows for all seasons/
Raps get tracked out on graphs that’s Cartesian/
So Thelonius, James Brown & Coltrane/
Improper Bostonian, old school as Soul Train/
Paying homage to-those dudes from ol’ days/
With Hall of Fame status & vocals like the O’Jays/
So harmonious, motion Tag Heurerish/
How every movement is smooth and Luxurious/
Surround sound in my Harmon Kardon/
Speakin the word like Mohammed when he said the Koran/

I am-other worldly, -skills is not from here,
Jimmy Neutron flow- Buzzing for Light Years/
And I don’t fight fare I’m mad resourceful/
But deep down I’m peaceful and real remorseful/
In rap battles- son – I scrap for morsels/
Wanna swim with the sharks?-Bring your fins and dorsals/
Cause if I’m forced to, I’m awfully forceful/
One dose of my flow’s like a blow to your torso/
Even more so than what you think/
I be a beast like the cast in the Monster’s Inc./
Monstrous ink, once I sync my Mont Blanc/
The thoughts that I think launch off in a montage/
Entourage like I’m Mark from Boston/
With my squad on the block gone apartment shopping/
Dropping Common-wealth on the Ave we walking/
But yall ain’t dropping nothing but your “r’s” when you’re talking

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