Saturday, December 11, 2010

The PROFessional

The consummate professional, in concert or processionals/

My vocals in a zone of their own - exceptional/

So I take exception to anybody suggesting/

That I would ever settle for less than total perfection/

No question, the talent level is staggering/

And proof of what a human can do when we choose to master it/

Choose to imagine it, viewing your future happening/

Establishing yourself and your music beyond comparison/

Beyond the packaging, industry manufacturing/

And swagger thats artificially flavored faker than saccahrin/

Lacking the judgement, and presence of moral character/

But listen I ain't judging, its probably poor parenting/

Poor handling, horrbly poor management/

These poor adolescents, need lessons in how to handle it/

Promoting acts as young, stupid and arrogant/

So insecure rappers act immature and embarrasing/

Overall, the whole game needs an overhaull/

Study my movements, establishin the protocol/

Who more meticulous? - speakin' clear & articulate/

The ambersand's my "and' cuz im symbolic & Prince with it/

White gloved Like Mike, but im still leaving my fingerprints/

On mic's so deliberate, some say that I'm Simpsonish/

If yall don't know the story than you should probably look into it/

Would probably win the Heisman if music had the equivalent/

If I ain't one the best then Cam Newton is innocent/

If dudes wanna test - I will let them cheat and look ignorant/

This is why they call me Profess -or, just coincidence/

Cause I just have a way with the words when I play with sentences/

Even though degrees that I hold are based in numerals/

Lyrically the way that I R.I.P. is fit for funerals/

Or musicals, the way that i spit on stages eternally/

So truthfully a name like "Lyrical" is no Hyperbole

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