Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Quintessential By Lyrical

Who the most motivational, standing ovational?/
Schooled in how to handle the tool, vocational/
Mastering the manual, hand you a demonstrational/
Able to train management, functionally operational/
Just in case you- were not aware the repertoire/
Meet your Butta Messenga, Legendary X-Caliber/
Lord of the Lyrical, sword slicing material/
Mastering the elements, Hip Hop's imperial/
Mental meditation, I travel through several layers/
Envision me cross-legged, somewhere in the Himalayas
Even though my body is probably sitting in Cambridge
Sipping coffee with some sloppy professors, acting all snobby/
Nothing will stop me, from skipping through archipelagos/
Spitting some acapella - with visual arpeggios
Freestyle material - coming to me in visions
So I listen, grab a pen, and convert em quick into writtens

The quintessential, lyrics to instrumentals/
Ever that's been assembled, - my influence - transcendental/
Metaphysical, certainly Heisenbergian/
Principals that's Copernican, vocals valid Victorian/
Fit for palaces, lifting up golden chalices/
Celebrating accomplishments, Acts of the final balancing/
Who more talented, grounded but on an echelon/
Nothing has ever rested on, once I just touch my pencil on/
Paper, will levitate -demonstrating the action/
Elevating my game - Like Tom Chambers on Jackson/
Wilt Chamberlain wing span that's so massive/
Gripping the mic stand from the front row while I'm scratching/
Multi-talented, trained in ways of the mystical/
Turn and twist pivotal, drain almost instinctual/
Named Lyrical, reasons most obvious/

Flow of a seasoned pro that make most seem like novices/

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